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Crime Stoppers has been in existence nationally since September 7, 1976.

It originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico after a young detective working a homicide became frustrated at the lack of leads on the case. After reenacting the crime and broadcasting it with local media, a tip was received that helped to identify the suspects. The suspects were tried and convicted of the murder.

Today there are over 2000 Crime Stoppers programs in communities around the world. The programs receive tips that assist investigators in solving crimes including homicides, sexual assaults, drug trafficking operations and robberies, just to name a few.  Its first student Crime Stoppers program began in a Boulder, Colorado high school in 1983. Due to the impact of this community programs information received have prevented school shootings and criminal acts by terrorist organizations.

Tracy Crime Stoppers Program Inc was enacted in 1983, by Chuck Crawford. In 2012, Mr. Marshall Rose accepted the Presidency and then resigned in 2019. Mr. Eveler accepted the Presidency in 2019, then resigned in 2021. As of September 2021, Mrs. Andrea JuarezSmith accepted the presidency position and resigned as of July 31, 2023. 


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