Keeping Our Schools Safe!

Students Speaking Out provides students with a safe, informal, and anonymous system to give information about criminal activity, threats, or weapons, without fear of retaliation. If you have information about a crime committed at your school, or about threats of a crime or possible shooting. Call the 24-Hour Students Speaking Out

Hotline at 209-831-4847 (iTip)

How Does It Work?
If you are a student, parent, teacher, or other school staff member, you can call with information about crimes in and around your school. No one will ask for your name, just for your information.

What Sort of Crimes Should I Call About?
Anything! We are interested in any crime that happens in and around your school. Drugs, drinking, graffiti, vandalism, burglary, weapons, and gang activity are all crimes that affect your safety and ability to learn. We are also interested in threats of violence, even if they are only rumors. Information you provide us can help make your school a better place.

What Happens to The Information I Give to Students Speaking Out?
When you call our Tip line, the information you provide is given to a police officer for investigation. The officer may get help from your school's police officer.

What Happens If the Information I Give Is Wrong?
Can someone go to jail because of me? No. The information will be used as part of an investigation. No one is ever arrested based only on tip information.

Do I Get a Reward?
If a crime is solved, if a criminal is arrested, or if a weapon is confiscated because of a tip you gave to Students Speaking Out, you are eligible for a reward.

How Much Is the Reward?
Rewards range from $10 to $1,000. The Students Speaking Out Board meets every month to decide the amount paid for each successful tip.

If I Don’t Give My Name, How Do I Collect My Reward?
Every person who calls the Hotline is given a code number. If your tip leads to an arrest, confiscation of a weapon, or the solution of a crime, you will receive a reward. When you call Students Speaking Out and give your code number you will be told how to collect your reward – without ever giving your name!



Tracy Unified Schools

Bohn Elementary
350 E. Mt. Diablo Ave.
Phone: (209) 830-3300
Fax: (209) 830-3301


Central Elementary
1370 Parker Ave.
Phone: (209) 830-3303
Fax: (209) 830-3304
Art Freiler School
2421 W. Lowell Ave.
Phone:(209) 830-3309
Fax: (209) 830-3310

Hirsch Elementary
1280 Dove Drive
Phone: (209) 830-3312
Fax: (209) 830-3313


Jacobson Elementary
1750 W. Kavanagh Ave.
Phone: (209) 830-3315
Fax: (209) 830-3316
Kelly School
535 Mabel Josephine Dr.
Phone: (209) 830-3390
Fax: (209) 830-3391

Kimball High
3200 Jaguar Run
Phone: (209) 832-6600
Fax: (209) 832-6601
McKinley Elementary
800 W. Carlton Way
Phone: (209) 830-3319
Fax: (209) 830-3320
Monte Vista Middle
751 W. Lowell Ave
Phone: (209) 830-3340
Fax: (209) 830-3341

North School
2875 Holly Drive
Phone: (209) 830-3350
Fax: (209) 830-3351


Poet-Christian School
1701 S. Central Ave.
Phone: (209) 830-3325
Fax: (209) 830-3326
SW Park Elementary
501 Mt. Oso Road
Phone: (209) 830-3335
Fax: (209) 830-3336

Stein High
650 W. 10th Street
Phone: (209) 830-3395
Fax: (209) 830-3396
Tracy High
315 E. 11th Street
Phone: (209) 830-3360
Fax: (209) 830-3361
Villalovoz Elementary
1550 Cypress Drive
Phone: (209) 830-3331
Fax: (209) 830-3332

West High
1775 W. Lowell Ave.
Phone: (209) 830-3370
Fax: (209) 830-3371
1904 N. Corral Hollow
Phone: (209) 830-3380
Fax: (209) 830-3381
Williams Middle
1600 Tennis Lane
Phone: (209) 830-3345
Fax: (209) 830-3346

Tracy Adult School
1895 W. Lowell Avenue
Phone: (209) 830-3384
Fax: (209) 830-3385
Duncan-Russell High
164 W. Grant Line Rd.
Phone: (209) 830-3357
Fax: (209) 831-5550
Willow Day School
164 W. Grant Line Rd.
Phone: (209) 830-3357
Fax: (209) 831-5550


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